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Maltego concept

  • Executive producer:Roelof Temmingh
  • Very silent partner & workflow: the lovely Neola

Maltego GUI team - [1]PinkMatter Solutions and [2]Paterva

  • Written & directed by: Chris Bohme
  • Assistant director: Roelof Temmingh
  • Visual effects: Sonja Goosen
  • Production management: Sonja Goosen
  • Stunts: Stephan Butler
  • Art department: Roelof Temmingh
  • Key grip & Flame artist: KB

Maltego TAS team - [3]Paterva

  • Written & directed by: Roelof Temmingh
  • Assistant director: Chris Bohme
  • Electrical department: Honda Petrol Electrical Generators

Maltego Webdev team

  • Written by: Andrew MacPherson
  • Assistant director: Roelof Temmingh
  • Foley artist: Andrew MacPherson
  • Key hair stylist: Andrew MacPherson
  • Voice over artist: Lady Goodman

Entities (themselves)

Transforms (themselves)

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