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DNS Name

DNS stands for Domain Name System. 'www.google.com' is a DNS name. 'mail.abc.com' is a DNS name. 'mx1.sub.abc.co.uk' is a DNS name. A DNS name becomes an entry in a domain's zone file. The zone file is just a file that contains a list of DNS Names per domain. There are several types of DNS names. The everyday DNS names (like 'www.abc.com') are called A (or CName) records. The MX (mail exchange) records contains information about where mail should be sent for email addresses at the domain (for example mail for anyone@abc.com should be sent to mx1.abc.com). The NS records (name server) shows which servers are name servers for this domain - in other words who keeps the zone files for the domain. Every DNS name is (or should be) connected to an IP address. In some cases the reverse is also true - an IP address can resolve to a DNS name. You should understand the relationship between Domain, DNS Name and IP number as this system is one of the main building blocks of Internet.

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