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IP addresses are normally grouped together. This group is called a network or netblock. A netblock has a start IP and an end IP. Thus examples of networks are or There are several notations for describing the same range of IP addresses. The network can be described as (CIDR) or netmask In Maltego we use the startIP-stopIP notation. A netblock of IP numbers are normally given to an organisation such as an ISP. Individuals (such as home users) normally get an IP number from the ISP. Thus - the IP number's information (such as whois information) will point to the ISP and not the individual.

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Properties of this entity in Maltego

(AS number) AS number of the netblock

(start IP) First IP in the range

(end IP) Last IP in the range

(country) Geo location of the IP

(description) Such as the owner of the block Note that these fields are only populated once a transform that produces these fields have executed.

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